KESS 5.017 News, XProg 5.72

Top three ECU Flasher Tools of 2018 For Cars Trucks will be introducted here for sharing with tuners,let’s have a quicker check from below

Number One ECU Chiptuning Tool : Red PCB KESS V2 5.017 Master EU

For the time being, Red KESS V5.017 is the best ECU Flasher Tool for reading and writting car’s ecus via OBD2 port . KESS 5.017 With Red PCB used imported PCB,great quality and stable to use. Red KESS V2 5.017 Master can support online 140+ protocols,no years limited, no tokens limited ,and following good reasons can account for why Red KESS 5.017 will be ranked top

1.Tested by many tuners and was regarded as the best ECU Flasher Tool For Cars by far.

2.Support online 140+ protocols,no years limited, no tokens limited.

3.Multi-languages available.

4.Online operation supported.

5. Easy and stable to use,100% workable.

6.Cheap affordable price.Now buy quality Red KESS 5.017 just need $95USD at

So,if you are looking for a professional and powerful ECU Chiptuning Tools For Multi cars,trucks, then buy KESS 5.017 Red PCB will be your choice.

Top Two ECU Programmer : FGTech FW0475

Newest 0475 FGTech was based on FGTech Galletto 4 V0386,but added new functions,and works better , faster and more stable than old versions,is the newest generation ECU Programmer for all cars , trucks , motorcycles,Marine,BDM MPCxx,BDM Boot Mode,checksum. FGTECH FW0475 ECU Progreammer can commuciate via OBD II and BDM, supports online operation,without tokens limited. FGTech by far it is cheapest ECU Flasher Tools available in the marketplace for multi vehicles ,but the quality and performance is great.If you wanna a cheap but effective ecu programmer,then buy FGtech 0475 Galletto V54 master.


Top Three ECU Flasher Tool : Xprog 5.72 X-PROG M 5.72

The Xprog 5.72 X-PROG M was the real europe version,added new authorization : AUTH-0025 Authorized 13/3/2016 and no tokens limited,no usb dongle comes with. And users dont need any activation,directly use and can be connect with internet!!!  So,if you are looking for a ECU Chiptuning Box,then XPROG-M 5.72 will be your choice. Just note : XPROG-M 5.72 ECU Programmer Must be installed on the virtual machine.


KESS 5.017 News, KESS V5.017 Guide

Right now,there are several types of KESS V2 Master Kits For Multi cars,trucks chiptuning via obd2 port available in the marketplace like

Red PCB KESS V2 5.017 Europe Version

KESS V2 5.017 Green PCB

KESS V2 5.017 Slave

KESS 5.017 With USB Dongle

Then what’s the different between them ? I belive,some tuners are suffering from this confusion. Given to this problem, KESS V2 5.017 Master Version Comparison Guide For Buyers will be shared here with all tuners,by which,you will better know about these ECU Chiptuning Tools.

KESS V2 5.017 Master vs KESS V5.017 Slave Version

1.For KESS 5.017 Master : Tuners can directly on the program you have write on the vehicle (tuning,egr off,…) and rewrite after directly. While for the Slave version, it was be encryption and cant do boot mode.

2.The KESS V5.017 Master is cheaper than KESS Slave version.

3. KESS Slave is the original version,while the KESS V2 Master is a clone version,but more popular and big welcomed. KESS 5.017 Master version was the most popular ECU Programmer for cars,trucks by far.

So,if you dont care about price,then you can buy KESS 5.017 Slave ,after all,it is the original one, but if you wanna a tool more easily to use and can support more ecus models at a affordable price,then you can buy KESS V2 5.017 Master Version.

Red PCB KESS 5.017 vs Green PCB KESS V5.017

Well, these two kits shared almost same features ,software,hardware and functions. The different between them in following

1.The Red KESS 5.017 is the new designed version of kess 5.017 blue ,with new look as the original one and best PCB used by far to provide a more stable performance.

2.Red KESS FW5.017 can support more vehicles.

3.Red KESS FW5.017 price is a little expensive than Green PCB KESS 5.017.

KESS V5.017 vs KESS 5.017 With USB Dongle

Just as the name suggested, the different between them lies in the kess whether contains USB Dongle or not and the reset button version with 30 tokens limited,and you need to reset tokens after ran out.But the KESS V5.017 Without USB Dongle, no tokens limited.

So, Here is my suggestion : For the cheapest but effective KESS V2  Kit : Buy KESS 5.017 Green PCB, this tool has been tested by many tuners with a good reputation and the price is costive and affordable. For the professional and best ECU Chip Tuning Tools For OBDII Flashing,Buy Red KESS 5.017 EU is your best choice,it will never fail to you and the price is still affordable too.