KESS V5.017 Guide

How to Fix Red PCB KESS 5.017 “Warning/Unknown ECU” Errors !

Online EU Red PCB KESS  V2 5.017 is the hottest ECU Chip Tuning Tools For Online 140+ protocols without years limited. Red KESS 5.017 has been tested by many tuners and has been confirmed again and again about the quality, performance as well as functions,so in the normal time,it can flash ecus via obdii port without tokens well.

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Red PCB KESS V2 5.017

But today,when i hang around auto forums,i saw a members post his kess help questions like below

“Hope some of you more experienced can help. 4 days ago I read the ecu (Bosch MED17x) from a Mini R56 turbo with the clone via OBD2 with success. Today I try to read again and I got this error; “Warning, unknown ECU. For a correct procedure you must send log files and reading to the technical support. Proceed anyway?” I tried 3 times without success; restarting laptop tec

Red KESS 5.017 Problem

Red PCB KESS V2 5.017 Problem

Just before reading, I hooked up the Kess V2 unit to my laptop to test the “Recovery” mode. Nothing was attached to the unit to the car. I just wanted to know how to do Recovery; selecting ecu, file and so on.”

Well,about this problem, many testers have shared their workable solution in the forum as well,so based on their experience,i post here for sharing.

If you met Red PCB KESS 5.020 EU “wake up error,Warning, Unknown ECU” problems,pls dont worry,your KESS 5.017 With Red PCB was still in good condition, and  you can fix it by  reinstalling the Ksuite. Easily as it is,yet this method has been tested by many users,workable,and you can give it a shot.

If you have any questions or doubts about Red KESS 5.017 KTAG 7.020 or other ECU Programmer,pls dont hesistant to contact us by following method

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